Wednesday, December 29, 2010

They're 2!

At the height of all the crib climbing last week, the Fab Four turned 2 years old. Thankfully, we had already decided to celebrate their birthday the day after Christmas instead of the day before, so most of the siesta-less chaos was behind us by the time their fiesta rolled around.

I'd originally wanted to do a Wiggles-themed party for the kids, but it turns out that Wiggles party supplies are hard to come by. So on Christmas Eve (yes, on their birthday and at the last possible minute), I ran to the party store to consider my options. It didn't take me long to settle on the character that rates a close second to the Wiggles in the hearts of the Fab Four: 


I knew I'd picked the right theme when the kids were absolutely thrilled to see the Elmo balloons waiting for them at the feeding table:

Jude and Dahlia chowed down on their Elmo cupcakes, 
while Isaac and Lucy refused to even touch them. Typical!

Since we are still being careful about RSV exposure this season, our guest list was again very small, with only the Abuelitos, Grandma and Grandpa T, Great-Grandma C, and Tio Ner and Tia Glenda in attendance. We were also lucky enough to have Tio Johnny and Tia Holly skype in to watch the kids open the very special gifts they'd sent:

Real instruments for the Fab Four! 
Left to right: Isaac with the ukelele, Lucia with the bongos, 
Jude with the accordion, Dahlia with the xylophone

What with the musical instruments from Johnny and Holly, the mountain of birthday loot from everyone else, and Christmas presents from the day before, the Fab Four really made out like bandits. Ted and I have some serious sorting out to do to make room for all the new toys, but we are so, so grateful to everyone who so generously remembered our family during this special time of the year.


Rare family pic, 
with Jude and Dahlia on Ted's lap and Lucy and Isaac on mine


Priscilla said...

The picture of Ted, you and the fab four is really great! They are growing up so quickly. I would love to have time to come and spend with them but my hands are pretty full for now. Love keeping up on the blog. Priscilla

Lindsay Conner said...

Happy birthday kids! Love those balloons, and thanks for my comment. I'm glad to know I have a reader....whee!

Alfa Segovia de Stanley said...

Congratulations for the great family!

Kari said...

Happy 2nd birthday! Love the cupcakes!

Hilary said...

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!! They are growing too fast :)

Andrea said...

Happy birthday, angels! Sweet post, Suz. How beautiful the kids are! (I am sure you already kinda think so too.) :)
I can't believe they are 2 years old. May you have a fun year of potty training...

Tisha said...

Happy Birthday!!! My boys LOVED the Wiggles when they were little, but that was 7-8 years ago. The family picture is great! Happy New Year!

The Saunders Family said...

what special times! Happy birthday to all!

sonja said...

Aw, I love the theme!! Happy 2 years to your babies! I can hardly believe how fast they're growing. Hope they had a Merry Christmas, too!


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