Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Potato Head miracle

Remember how Isaac had to get glasses? And then they got smashed? Well, ever since then, he has refused to wear them for more than a minute or two at a time. Over the past couple of months, we tried all sorts of things to convince him to keep his glasses on—to no avail. It seemed that Isaac was doomed to a life of blurry surroundings and crossed eyes.

Then Mr. Potato Head came into our lives:

For those who don't know, Mr. Potato Head is an incredibly well-accessorized individual. And among his many possessions are several pairs of kooky frames, perfect for playing dress-up. All it took was a couple of days of seeing how cool Lucy, Jude, and Dahlia looked in their Potato Head glasses:

And BAM! Isaac decided that he wanted to wear glasses, too. Being a savvy mommy, I instantly traded his Potato Head glasses for his real glasses—and that was that! Today marks 6 full days since Isaac started wearing his glasses full time again, and he hasn't looked back:

Mommy is very happy that her little boy's eyes will no longer be crossing when he watches TV, and Isaac is thrilled to see clearly things that are nearby, such as books and people's faces. And because we invested in a pair of Miraflex frames for him to play in, none of us have to worry about him smashing his glasses anymore:

Thank you, Mr. Potato Head!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Character count

If you'd asked me yesterday, I would have told you that Dahlia knows about 10 letters of the alphabet. Last night, however, Tia Harriet quizzed her and informed me that she can identify many more characters than that. So this morning—in the interest of giving credit where credit is due—I got out our trusty Magnadoodle and sat down for a little informational interview with Miss D:

In case you weren't keeping score, that's 24 out of 26. Looks like Isaac won't remain king of the ABCs around here for long!


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