Monday, December 20, 2010

Snow fun

Four sets of hats and mittens from Walmart: $20
Four snowsuits from Kohl's: $10*
Four pairs of snow boots from Target: $5*
The Fab Four's first time in the snow: priceless

Exploring the winter wonderland in our backyard
(left to right: Lucy, Dahlia, Jude, and Isaac)
Jude was fearless, wading knee deep in snow drifts right away, 
while Isaac took a while to get used to all the cold stuff

Dahlia roamed free from the start, but Lucy preferred  to plant herself 
in one spot until she was more sure about this thing called snow

* Incredibly low out-of-pocket costs for snowsuits and snow boots made possible by a 
generous gift from Great-Grandma C; a 50% off sale at Kohl's; a forgotten, pre-quads 
gift card from Grandma T; a mystery coupon the cashier informed us that we "forgot;" 
and a wonderful gift from our weekly angel, Tante Gabi. 

~ All I have needed, Thy hand hath provided ~


Beth said...

Adorable! So glad you got them out in it. I need ours to get healthy fast so we can enjoy the snow. We're getting more as I type.
I love watching how different kids react to the snow!

Marianne said...

I so hope that you've seen the movie "A Christmas Story" because when Jude gets stuck in the snow at the beginning, it is like a scene out of the movie when Ralphie's little brother is so bundled up he falls over and can't get up. If you haven't seen the movie, then I'm laughing alone by myself. Darn.

Can you believe how much snow we've had?! I drove home from my cousin's tonight on 69 and 465 and it was AWFUL! Glad you've been able to get out there with the kiddos and have some play time!

Merry Christmas :)

Deborah said...

So cute! How long did it take to put all four of them in snow suit?

Suzy said...

Deborah: Good question! I didn't check the time, but it would have gone a lot quicker if Isaac hadn't freaked out about his snowsuit. The other kids were cool with them. Isaac was fine once we got outside and he realized that this snow thing was kinda fun. :)

Marianne: YES, the Christmas Story is exactly what Jude made me think of! LOL!

Julie said...

So much fun! Hopefully all the gear will make burning off some energy this winter a little easier!

Alfa Segovia de Stanley said...

¡Preciosos todos disfrutando de la nieve- y papá y mamá también por supuesto-!


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