Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Backyard wonders

Our backyard isn't fancy, but to the Fab Four it's no wasteland: It's a wonderland.

After all, when you're 2 years old, not many things are more rewarding than to run around finding "lallow flawers" for Mommy:

Or to stand on your very tiptoes to pick the buds off of trees for her:

And few experiences are as exhilarating as scaling a great big climbing tower:

And then feeling the wind in your hair when you get to the top:

I mean, when you're 2 years old, what could be more fun than to test the sturdiness of the picnic table:

And verify that there is enough room for two on the bench?

To be sure, there can be no shortage of smiles:

When the entire yard is yours to discover:

Especially when Mommy even lets you see what lives under the drain pipe!

Yes, when you're 2 years old, you can play and explore until you're plumb tuckered out:

... but that doesn't mean you won't still scream in disappointment when it's time to come inside!


The Haughs said...

Love this! All of the pictures and your commentary are great! :)

The Saunders Family said...

you mean your magic timer didn't work to keep them from screaming, must be losing it's power!

Suzy said...

LOL @ Jessica!! My fake timer's powers do have their limits ... :)

Julie said...

Sooooo cute! I'm so glad the good weather is coming and you guys will get to enjoy being out more! It's amazing how much fun they can have with each other and just a few things! Remember how much fun we used to have in our fort behind the parrilla? :) Besos!

Taryn said...

Mine still bring flowers to me from the yard and THEY'RE TWELVE!!! LOL


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