Thursday, December 23, 2010

Busting out

I almost never go into the nursery after the kids go to bed. Today, however, I thought I heard someone grunting, and—since nothing guarantees a bad nap like a poopy bottom—I decided to make an exception.

Turns out someone was probably grunting all right, but not for the reasons I thought! When I opened the door, I was shocked to see Isaac standing on the floor in front of me ...

Isaac demonstrates his escape method

... and Dahlia hanging out in Jude's crib!

Ted was sure that something like this was going to happen soon, and he was right. To buy us some time while we figure out what to do next, we've scooted their cribs farther away from each other (so that they can't use a neighbor's crib as leverage), removed from their beds anything that could be used as a step stool (including their CozyWedges and pillows), and (for good measure) taken down the glass frames that hung above each crib. Hopefully this arrangement is enough to keep everyone safe for the time being:

Anyone have advice on how to transition multiple 2-year-olds to toddler beds without losing one's sanity?


Judy said...

I had a little escape artist and he didn't have others to help him out. My son has no fear and a very high tolerance for pain. I feared him really hurting himself in the night and not knowing it. (has a disability) Did lots of researching and found this I loved it!!!!! It was perfect. He stayed in the crib another year. He got his naps and slept through the night and I had peace of mind.

The Saunders Family said...

wow, looks like a little prison for the kiddos!
Maybe you can transition one at a time? I don't have much advice for you there, I do not have climbers, thankfully!

Christine R. said...

CRIB TENTS. Seriously. I have two you can have.

Lindsay Conner said...

Hahaha! I'm so glad you got that picture of Isaac escaping the crib. Between that and his sleeping at the table, you guys have had a funny few weeks.

Happy Birthday Isaac, Jude, Lucia and Dahlia!


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