Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cribless Christmas chaos

Scratch the PeaPods idea. When we walked in the nursery today after "nap" time, we found the girls on the loose and the room in disarray:

Seconds later, we discovered that Jude had actually managed to get out, too!

So it's back to mattresses on the floor for now. It took the kids an hour to fall asleep tonight (despite having skipped their nap again today), but I just went in to check on them, and everyone had found his or her own bed except for Lucy—she was sleeping by the door, poor baby!


Kimberly said...

Oh NO Suzy! Your scaring me. I just got the Peapods and have been training them to use them this week. I plan to have them sleep in them this weekend at my Dads. I have not been able to spend the night away from our house because the babies won't sleep anywhere but their crib. So i now have the tents inside their crib, trying to get them used to sleeping in them. But I haven't even attempted zipping them up yet.

and besides just trying to spend the night away from home, I'm scared of the transition out of the crib. They are al ready starting to climb, so I'm getting nervous. I'll be watching you to see what solution you come up with!!!

Anonymous said...

You know, if they can open the zippers of a Peapod you can treat as you would a tent if you were camping.. Which is to say, you could use a small lock to keep them from being able to open the zipper. :D

Suzy said...

Yeah, we considered putting safety pins on the zippers, but with Isaac toppling his PeaPod and everything, we decided to just go with mattresses. It's actually going very well!


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