Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ain't no dad like a quad dad

Ted, ever since the day we decided that we were ready to start a family, you've been a great dad. From the beginning, you made sure that I took my vitamins, that I ate the right things, and that I took good care of myself so that our future child would have the best start in life.

Then we found out that we were having four children:

With Dr. C, a few days after finding out about the quads

You were instantly worried about me, worried that I was too small to carry these babies. And you were equally concerned for the babies themselves. As I got bigger, you did everything you could to keep me off my feet—even though sometimes I did not want to listen!

After I went into the hospital, you were there for me every evening and weekend, helping me to do basic things like eat, shower, and stay sane. Without you, I could not have carried these babies for as long as I did!

In the hospital at 29 weeks
(a month before delivery)

You had no previous experience with children, so when the babies came, you were subjected to a crash course in fatherhood. You handled the NICU like a pro. As soon as we were allowed to touch the babies, you learned how to cradle them in your arms:

Holding Lucia for the first time

... how to change a diaper (in an isolette, no less!):

Changing Lucia for the first time

... how to give a bottle to a baby that was still learning to suck:

Feeding Isaac for the first time

... and how to burp a tiny baby that couldn't hold her head up:

Feeding Dahlia for the first time

Then, when it was time for the babies to come home, you were the one who buckled them safely into their car seats:

Getting Jude ready to leave the hospital

In the months since the babies came home, you've grown more and more comfortable as a father of four. The hours are long, but the rewards are great:

Tuckered out and snoozing on the couch
with Jude and Lucy

You now know there's nothing like making your baby smile:

Cuddling with Jude

Or being greeted first thing in the morning by a sweet little face that's so happy to see you:

Saying good morning to Isaac

The babies know you and love you. When you talk, they listen (for now, anyway!):

Tummy time with Jude and Dahlia

And they count on you to teach them new skills:

Demonstrating to the girls how to burp a baby

Showing Isaac what a lawnmower looks like
(so that he can take over lawn duty someday!)

Like any good dad, you occasionally even encourage them to try new foods:

"Trust me, Dahlia, this tastes better than formula!"

Most impressively, you have learned to multitask like nobody's business:

Entertaining Jude while feeding Lucy

Taking a phone message while holding Isaac

Bringing both girls out from their nap

Feeding Isaac and Dahlia at the same time

And after all you do for our family, you amazingly still have enough energy left to get dressed up and take me out on a date once in a while:

Ready to attend Boss Tammy's wedding last month

You truly are a Super Dad. I love you, Ted, and I couldn't do this without you. Happy Father's Day!


Carmen said...

Wow, what a tribute! You are both doing a wonderful job and have BEAUTIFUL children! Happy Father's Day, Ted! Carmen Howell :)

Kristine Rasor said...

What a wonderful message to your husband!! The pictures are all so cute too! It is a blessing to have a wonderful husband and adorable kids!
Kristine Rasor

The Haughs said...

What a nice post, Suzy! Happy Father's Day to Ted! I'm sure it is a special day for him (and you as well).

Gabriele said...

Awww...what a great post! Ted you ARE a wonderful daddy and hubby!

Philippians 4:13 --- I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

You (both of you) surely proved (and continue doing so) this to be true!

I cannot believe how long I haven't seen you ... after this month is over, I will come by to see y'all, if you like it or not! :)

Lori said...

What a great reminder of how awesome dads can be. And, you've been blessed with a great one in Ted. :-) Happy First Father's Day, Ted!!!!

The Middletons said...

Awww! Great post Suzy. Happy Father's Day Ted...we're still waiting to see you in that "Super Quad Daddy" shield!! :o) We can't wait to see all of you next weekend!


Jon said...

Love this post, Suzy. Truly moving stuff. Ted = rad. (Lord, I'm from the wrong era.) Happy Father's Day x 4 to him, for sure!

Becky Bellis said...

Awesome tribute! Also love the pics. Becky

amypfan said...

I originally found your blog through another one that I read regularly, and I've so enjoyed reading about your journey. Then I saw this post, and WOW, I realized I must be living close to the same city as you, since Dr. C is my specialist as well! I'd love to "chat" with you sometime!

♥Kelly♥ said...

Aww what a wonderful diary of dad's first few months!!

Happy Father's Day Ted! Lucy, Dahlia, Jude, and Isaac are very lucky to have you in their lives.

BreezieGirl said...

This was a beautiful post... those babies get cuter every day!

Anonymous said...

Suzy & Ted~~ You don't know me, but I read your blog through a friends blog of mine. It was just lovely. When I reached the end of your blog there you were Suzy, with JUST the stroller that I am looking for! My daught and son-in-law just had triples, they are 3 months old now. We are trying to find a way to take them places with a stroller that works well. Can yhou give us some info on it, please. If you can find a few minutes. Thank you, Cheryl

Nevyn said...

Hehe and we thought twins were difficult! God bless and keep the smiles going =)


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