Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In the blink of an eye

Isaac's first week in glasses couldn't have gone better. I would put them on him whenever he was distracted or in a mellow mood, and the second he started to fidget with them, I'd make them disappear until I saw my next opportunity to put them on. With this approach, Isaac quickly grew more and more accustomed to his glasses until, just a week after getting them, he successfully wore them all day (except for during his nap, of course). We were so proud of him!

But then ... Isaac scratched a lens. We're not sure how it happened, but it seems likely that he fell and hit them on a toy when we weren't looking, as the mark on the scratch-resistant lens was pretty sizable. It must have been pretty annoying, too, because, after that, nothing could convince Isaac to keep his glasses on. Naturally, we got the lens fixed ASAP (thanks, Uncle P!), and I thought we were good to go.

I was SO wrong.

This morning, while I was fixing breakfast and Ted was changing a diaper, this is what Isaac did to his glasses:

Note lens and screw popped out of the frame, temple rotated 45 degrees, 
and one cable completely removed from earpiece.

Talk about a horrible way to start the day! We don't know exactly how he managed to wreak such havoc on his glasses (he is not a destructive kid, by any means), but one theory is that he might have yanked them off to burrow into his favorite pillow, and then rolled over on top of them (I found the popped-out lens underneath the pillow). I really can't think of any other way that he could have mangled his wire frames so badly—I mean, he's strong, but he's not that strong.

In any case, we realize that Isaac needs close supervision while wearing his glasses. But the fact is that we happen to live with three other little people who almost constantly demand that we divert our attention from him! If only I could clone myself ...


Lindsay Conner said...

Bummer! Do they make rubber frames?

Suzy said...

I've seen some rubber frames online, but they look so nerdy ... like the old man from Six Flags (know what I'm talking about?). :(

Melody said...

Simone uses Miraflex (rubber frames w/the band that goes around the back), and yeah, they look nerdy, but nerdy super cute. I figure she can get away with that look right now. She gets tons more compliments with them than without them. People just love a kid in glasses. They are indestructible.

I know she can't have the kind Isaac had b/c what he did is exactly what she did to a pair of MY glasses when she got hold of them while I was in the bathroom. I don't think they have to be very strong to completely mangle an expensive pair of glasses.

The McCleary Quads said...

They sure know how to destroy things huh, all it takes is just one second to turn and look at one of the other kids and when you look back your like how in the world did you do that. Our Matthew is one strong little boy that can do some damage.

Megan said...

Holy cow! I thought about you and Isaac the other day when little Kenny broke his sunglasses and then turned right around and broke the frame on mine. Kids are destructive at this age, even when they're trying not to be!


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