Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Head shaker

A mother wears many hats—often in quick succession. Like the other day at the table, when I was an enthusiastic entertainer one second, and an amateur paramedic the very next:

Who knew that my silly sight gag could induce a case of actual gagging? The real head shaker, though, is why Ted kept taping instead of telling me that Jude was choking—I'm guessing he was just as distracted by Isaac's delightful laugh as I was. One thing's for sure: These kids keep us on our toes from one moment to the next!


Beth said...

Good save Mom!! Yeah, with four two year olds around, we must constantly be on our toes.
Okay, everyone is fine, so I just keep laughing thinking about Ted taping away while his son is choking.

The McCleary Quads said...

Yeah, good save mom. Always got to be on your toes.

The McCleary Quads

HettyA said...

Oh wow glad you caught that! Those moments can be so scary!
I've had to be on my toes a couple times because my MIL seems to think our girls can handle any guessed they can't and often start to choke. :/

The Haughs said...

Always on your toes! :) Love the Beatles music in the background - and love love LOVE Isaac's ecstatic "MORE, MORE!" :) Awesome! :)

Jodi said...

I'm glad he is ok but I have to admit I laughed after I knew he was, what a chain of events! - - you seemed so calm about it! I was impressed!


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