Monday, February 14, 2011

My messy Valentines

The Fab Four's Grandma T made them some yummy chocolate cupcakes for Valentine's Day. The kids enjoyed eating their treats after lunch today:

No, they reeeeally enjoyed eating them:

Hope you reeeeally enjoyed your Valentine's Day, too!


Ruth & Brian Baldauf said...

All adorable, but lovin' D's after-after pic the most. I get a sugar headache just looking at it.

Thanks for sharing, much love from the Cali Baldaufs!

The McCleary Quads said...

Love the pics, ours were the same way, they had Hersey's kisses and what a mess. They had it all over their hands in their hair, clothes you name it.

Rebecca said...

Oh my! Your kids are so cute! I always appreciate seeing pictures of quads who are healthy and happy! It helps keep me motivated through my days on bed rest.

Thank you for jumping over to my blog with your encouraging words! :)


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