Saturday, February 5, 2011

Budding Beatlemania

It's no secret that Ted and I love the Beatles. Like any good fan, we listen to Beatles music on a daily basis, we often wear Beatles T-shirts, we own a wide assortment of Beatles DVDs, and we even have a collection of Beatles magnets on our fridge.

Naturally, we also hope that our kids will one day become diehard Beatles fans. Already, Lucy—who often requests "Buddles lusic" (Beatles music)—can identify every Beatle by name, Jude can name two out of four "Booh-doohs" (Paul and Ringo), and Isaac and Dahlia can each pick out Paul. It's a good start!

Lately I've been feeding the kids' fledgling obsession by showing them Paul McCartney music videos when they wake up from their nap. Ted thinks it's a bit much (he's not a big fan of solo Paul), but I've discovered that there's something about Paul that magically cures post-nap crankiness. As soon as I push "play," the kids forget any grievances and pile onto the couch to eat their snacks—and to point out every time Paul is on the screen, of course!

We've been watching Paul videos so regularly, in fact, that if I forget to put in the DVD right away, someone is sure to remind me of my oversight. I suppose it was only a matter of time until Paul made it into one of the Fab Four's imaginative play:

Someone sure knows how to make her Beatle-loving mother proud!


Karen said...

Too cute!

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

Hey, did you ever get the text I sent you of the Beatles t-shirts they had at Target? They said "All You Need Is Love" and had all four Beatles' faces on them. Might be on sale now -- probably a Valentine's special item!

Suzy said...

I did get it ... very cute! However, the only way the kids will get one is if the Valentine's fairy delivers them ... we can't even afford haircuts for them right now, ha!

Jodi said...



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