Friday, October 31, 2008

Day 3 and counting

Yep, it's day 3 and I am still on the mag pump. I didn't sleep very well last night, so I napped most of the morning and plan to nap some more this afternoon (one of the perks of being on bedrest!). Dr. S came in a few hours ago (for about 2 nanosececonds—I counted), and all he said was that my uterus seems to be calmer and we'll see how I do over the weekend. The nurse came in later to expand on that, saying that I'll definitely need to be on the mag for at least 24 hours after my last steroid injection (which I had at 11am today) and then, once they decide to take me off the mag, I'll need to stay an additional couple of days for observation. So according to my calculations, the best-case scenario has me going home Monday at the earliest (although I am not holding my breath for that to happen).

In fun news, I had an ultrasound yesterday afternoon to check the babies' heart tones (they say this will be a daily occurrence while I'm here). The resident who performed the scan was pleasantly surprised at how "big and beautiful" my 25-week quads are, and when I told her their 23-week weights, she was quite impressed (yay for my overachieving children!). She noted that the babies are very active and was glad to see that they are practicing their breathing as they should. I don't have any pictures to post, but at today's ultrasound I will try to remember to ask whether the hospital's machine has the capability to burn the images to a CD (I remembered today that I stashed one in my purse before leaving home, just in case).

The best thing that's happened so far today is that I have been granted bathroom privileges (no more bedside commode, woohoo!). And the nurse is hoping that I will be allowed to take a shower tomorrow (they let me get up to wash at the sink this morning, but it's just not the same). But now I need to lie back; the nurse just informed me that I've had six contractions in the last half-hour. RATS!!!


Julie said...

So glad to hear that they are still in the oven and are already overachievers! I would expect nothing less of your babies, mi Suzy!!! Besos y un abrazote para tu "pansota"!

The Middletons said...

That's great news Suzy!! Just keep telling those little ones to stay in there and listen to their mama!

Becky said...

We hope you're sleeping soundly!! Thinking of you lots and keeping you, Ted, and the babies in our prayers!!
Love the Bells

Anonymous said...

Hola sweet thing! Julie told me what was going on since I killed our computer on Wed. I'd still like to come out next friday. I have been a crazy sewing lady, nowhere near done but I'll mail the rest or bring it out later. When you feel up to it give me a ring, maybe mid week and let me know how things are and if you are up for some company... I would drive just to see you for an hour:)
Take care of those panecitos.


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