Saturday, November 1, 2008

Movin' on up

I've just been moved to a (much nicer) room with a view, and this can only mean one thing: I'm in here for the long haul. I'm not too surprised, as I've been piecing together clues pointing in this direction for a couple of days now. First of all, every new nurse on duty has automatically assumed that I will be here until the babies come. Also, the chaplain who visited me yesterday mentioned that someone could teach me to knit or crochet while I am here (!). And this morning, a nurse suggested that Ted bring some of our own pillows and blankets to make things feel more homey.

Most telling, however, was this morning's exchange with my doctor's partner (Dr. E) who, after seeing my contraction patterns, ordered both an increase in my magnesium sulfate and a return to Indocin (a pill that relaxes the uterus):

Me: "Soooo ... I'm not leaving anytime soon, am I?"
Dr. E: "This is when you leave" (proceeds to write "HFO" [Hell Freezes Over] on the whiteboard in my room).

'Nuff said, no? I am not too unhappy about being here long-term, though; everyone here is wonderful and I feel increasingly reassured that I am getting the best care possible for these babies.

Incidentally, almost as soon as I got my bathroom privileges yesterday, they were revoked due to my sudden increase in contractions. So I'm back to the bedside commode (ugh) and who knows when I'll ever see a showerhead. I guess all the activity yesterday (getting out of bed so they could change my sheets, washing up at the sink, walking to the real toilet umpteen times, talking to nurses and getting somehow poked or prodded by them every half-hour or so, undergoing my daily ultrasound, etc.) was too much for my humongous uterus to handle.

All this is why I've asked people to please not visit or call for the time being—the slightest increase in activity (including any sort of extended conversation) drives up my pulse to as high as 145 (compare that to my pre-pregnancy resting heart rate of 60), which just totally wipes me out. And the last thing I need right now is to be using up my energy on anything other than growing these babies and keeping them from coming for at least 2 more weeks. I absolutely love hearing from everyone via the comments on this blog, Facebook, or just plain e-mail, though. Your words are a constant encouragement to me, so please keep them coming!


twinmama said...

Hang in there.... it does end, I promise and in 6 months or so this will be a distant memory that you and your husband will giggle about when you are holding your four precious babies. I was put on home bedrest at 23 weeks, hospitalized at 28 weeks, and delivered at 32 weeks 4 days with my twin boys. Get rest, try to eat, eat, eat and I am praying that shower priveledges return!

Anonymous said...

Just know Suzy, that you're entire journey is an inspiration and a blessing to me and I know to so many more. It's obvious as you go through so much for your sweet babies, that you do it with a true love and devotion for them. You're absolutely handling this as a true, true champion - with strength, positivity, and grace. I know God's with you and he's going to keep taking care of you six. and as a side note - I know how to crochet and knit =) If you want a quiet, dull, mellow lessong - just let me know!

Ashley Z. said...

Keep up the good work! Good choice about the no visitors right now. The mag made it so hard for me to concentrate and visitors would leave me with a racing heart and very sweaty (which was extra gross as I never even received shower privileges!). It is amazing how quickly any modesty quickly escapes once you are on bedrest in the hospital! Still, it is so worth it!

Praying for you today.

Lindsay C. said...

You are loved, Ms. Suzy! :) Keep on rockin' that hospital bed with your fab self. If you need something addicting to waste away the hours with, I recommend hand-held electronic Solitaire. (I'm not ashamed to say I play it every night before bed! It helps calm my overactive mind from thinking too much.)

Lori said...

Well, at least you'll be where you'll be looked after and the babies will get full time attention. Hey, just look at it this way, you're getting out of days if not weeks of laundry duty, dishes, dinner-making. All those things you'll be doing 10 fold once the babies come. So, if you look at it from that perspective, it's not all that bad. ;-) hehe Just know that you're constantly in our prayers and we are so looking forward to meeting those little ones of yours. Stay relaxed and keep those little ones cozy in your tummy for just a while longer. You're doing a terrific job!!!

The Middletons said...

I am glad that you are in the best place possible for the best care for you and those babies!! Praying for you,

Foxy5 said...

Hi. I don't know how I stumbled upon your blog but I did. :) And since I can't pass up a good birth story I've stuck around to read about your progress and to see pictures of your little crew. I love seeing new posts and new pictures. Can I just say that you are the cutest pregnant lady? :)
Anyway, just wanted to say "hi" and let you know that I too am praying for you.

Linda R. said...

Cheering for you. Been there done that (but ONLY with three) and my mantra was "Short term discomfort for a lifetime of joy." Although the bedside facilities, lack of shower aren't fun...this is just a moment. Focus on all you are doing for the lifetime of joy you will have with your sweet little ones.

Jen said...

Like Foxy, I'm pretty sure you don't know me, but I found your blog through Jenessa's. We have several common friends apparently! I've been reading along for the past few months and I was hooked when you said "we now know the meaning of shock and awe." I thought to myself, "This is a woman with a sense of humor I can relate to!"

I can't believe I'm writing a comment to a complete stranger and I just dangled a preposition... I promise I graduated from high school. Sheesh! :)

I know you and the babies are receiving top-rate medical care and that you've got a prayer army mobilized from coast to coast, so you are in good hands all around. Please continue blogging as you're able (or make Ted do it if you're not!) so we all know exactly how to pray for you.

Hugs and prayers to you!

Laura Bakewell said...

Hi Suzy,
Thanks for sending me the blog address. Reading your story brings back SOOOOO many wonderful memories (NOT).
The hospital stay was the worse. I remember when they would take me from my room to the US room and I would talk to every stranger we passed!
I also remember watching a movie one night and the nurse came in to turn it off. "Too much excitment = too many contractions." The mantra of my last 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Look me up on facebook...all the kids pictures are on there. They just turned 12 on the 24th. So you CAN do this. I am soooo proud of you!

Sarah Blake said...

Hey, Suzy. Lots of folks over here at AU SOT and Park Place are praying for you and the babies. I'll do the hooting and hollering and running around--I have a yellow Lab/golden retriever mix who is mighty bored and would welcome the exercise. Does music make things ramp up? If not, I could send some nice relaxy stuff your way.

I'm glad you have Net access.

Mommy Lisa said...

Suz... I think the doc meant something else when he wrote 'HFO' on your whiteboard, it means - Having Four Offspring, so pamper the mommy now! :)

Esther said...

Glad they are keeping a close eye on you and the babies. Let me know if you need anything. I am just 4 miles from the hospital. Love you! Take care of yourself and my great neices and nephews. When do I interview for the the nanny position?

jana said...

Hi Suzy! I've been thinking about you and Ted all weekend. I hope things are good. Keep those babies in for as long as possible!! When you are up for visitors, let me know. I'll be in touch via email!

Ami S. said...

Hi, Suzy:
It's Ami from Wiley. Just wanted to pop in and say that I've been reading along and am praying for the best possible outcome for you and the littles. And, here's a lame joke for you: what did the 0 say to the 8? Nice belt.
Have a good day!

Kelly Regan said...

Hiya Suzy--
The gang in Hoboken is pulling for you and the little ones. I know everyone is saying to hang in there, so... I won't say that. But you are in all of our thoughts. How about a brief diversion: pictures of our Halloween Party here:
take care, xx Kelly

Christine said...

Hi Suzy,

I tried to comment over the weekend but couldn't for some reason...

Anyway, I have been thinking of you a LOT this weekend, both because I heard you were in the hospital and because we were celebrating my trio's 3rd birthday. I remember vividly being in the hospital, on mag, scared for the babies and just trying to keep them in as long as possible. You are doing such a great job already taking care of them and protecting them. You are in excellent hands and have such a great attitude and I really think that makes a difference.

Congrats on being one day closer to 28 weeks today! If things change and you would welcome a visit or phone call just let me know.


Naomi Kraus said...

Hi Suzy!

I have a friend with triplets and she was pretty much in the same boat as you. And I just spent the weekend at her place with her trio of very active 7-year-olds!

You hang in there, rest up, and keep your spirits up. We're all pulling for you here in Frommersville.

Caroline Chedid said...

Hey Susy, just passed to see the latest news and even though, I'm sorry to hear you're in the hospital, I'm sure you know that, that's the best place for you four to be right now... You are constantly in our prayers!!! Take care and wait for just a few more weeks... Love, Caro


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