Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shrinking spaces and two sweet faces

Our little Fab Four have increasingly been making their presence known during the past couple of weeks, making it feel like an air popper is constantly running inside my belly. In fact, about a week ago Baby C kicked hard enough for Ted to feel baby movement for the first time, which was pretty exciting for both of us. And on Monday I was actually able to feel a body part (head? heel? elbow?) when I pressed on the top of my belly!

At Tuesday's 23-week ultrasound, I found out why I've been so much more aware of the babies lately. The tech determined that they now weigh 1 lb. 7 oz., 1 lb. 5 oz., 1 lb. 2 oz., and 1 lb. 3 oz. (A to D), which is just over 5 pounds combined (up from less than 3 pounds at my 20-week ultrasound). To further confirm the babies' significant growth, the nurse said that my belly has now surpassed full-term size (37 weeks) by nearly 2 weeks. It must be getting crowded in there!

I also got to see more 4-D images of two of the babies. Here is a video of Baby B, who let us have a good, long look at his cute little face:


And here's Baby C (she had her arms in a very dramatic pose and refused to move them so that we could get a better look at her):


Babies A and D acted bashful and turned around every time we trained the camera on them. The ultrasound tech said that we'd try to get 4-D images again next week (when Ted will be with me), so hopefully I'll have more videos (or at least stills) to share at that time. I am anxious to get my first look at Baby A, and I would like to see how much Baby D has changed since the 20-week mark.

Incidentally, the round-the-clock terbutaline hasn't entirely gotten rid of the contractions, but it's definitely helping: I haven't had more than four an hour since I began the therapy. And the initial side effects have subsided except for when I get a bolus; this extra-high dose is delivered every six hours and drives my pulse up to about 120 beats per minute, often making me feel weak, shaky, and short of breath for a half-hour or more. My doctor says that this spike is normal and I shouldn't worry unless my pulse reaches 125 or higher. Otherwise, things are looking good: I have no swelling, my blood pressure is staying nice and low, and I have no protein in my urine. My body's just gotta keep this up for at least 5 more weeks!


Julie said...

Let's hope for more like 10 weeks! Love the faces! Hope you get more good ones when Ted is with you!

Heather said...

That is SO COOL. Our 4D shots of Sam were stills (freeze frames), so we didn't have moving footage of him like that. I just went back through my blog and found my 4D pic of Sam--it's funny how it still looks like him, even though he's changed so much since the 18-week-gestation point.

Jenessa said...

Oh sweet babies!!! I just want to snuggle them!

Anonymous said...

Ok, that just makes me laugh! Yeah Suzy, 120 beats per minute is nothing to worry about. You shouldn't start worrying until *125* bpm! That's not a very big difference to me!! ;)

Glad to hear things are going well! Nice work growing so many babies!


Lindsay said...

Those baby videos are amazing! Technology these days... Have a restful weekend. :)

The Middletons said...

Suzy-that is precious baby footage!! I am so glad that everything is going well for you. Continuing to pray!

Christine said...

Those videos are so cool! I hope they cooperate when Ted is with you.

Congrats on getting all those babies to over a pound each - that's an important milestone! Give yourself a pat on the back! I'm glad contractions are under control and everything else is looking good too. One day at a time...


heather george said...

aw that is so amazing. I started to tear up when i watched those videos. I never got to see an ultrasound of my two babies nor did i get to feel them move or hear thier heartbeats. So i can imagine how exstatic you were to hear those heartbeats and see those pics. how amazing. keep me up to date please. love to all
heather george


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