Thursday, September 29, 2011

Laundry goddess

When the kids were really little, they loved to line up at the gate and watch me fold laundry on the other side. Lucy, in particular, was fascinated by the process, and as soon as she learned how to say everyone's name, she participated by calling out the owner of each article of clothing as I pulled it out of the laundry basket.

More than a year later, she still knows exactly which piece of clothing belongs to whom. But now she is more than just a laundry onlooker: Two weeks ago, she surprised me by independently folding a pair of socks and placing them in my hand:

Lucy's first attempt at folding socks

Not having ever instructed her in the art of folding, I was astounded by her precision. Today, however, she went even further. While I folded the big towels, she found all of the washcloths, carefully folded them one by one, and neatly stacked them in the laundry basket (all without being asked!):

Lucy's first attempt at folding washcloths

Here is our little laundry goddess in action:

Hm, now that Lucy has shown me what she can do, I'm thinking I may never have to fold a washcloth again!


Dawn Alexander said...

send her to my house :)

Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

She's welcome here, anytime! Especially if she folds socks. :)


Bethany said...

Ditto on your comments, ladies. I need her over here, stat.

michelle said...

Little helper's are great and yours' is too cute! Stopping by from multiples and more!

Olusola said...

Your little helper is cute. Please blow some of that "little helper" fairy dust my way

First timer and follower from Multiples and more.

Amanda said...

My son loves helping with laundry, he doesn't fold, but he puts it in the washer and dryer for me.

Visiting from Multiples and More Follow Me Sunday

Rebecca Burton said...

Wow! Can I borrow her?


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