Thursday, September 15, 2011

Special delivery

When I was cleaning out the guest room closet yesterday, I found some old USPS boxes that I bought who knows when for who knows what:

The boxes are about the size of a cassette tape, and seeing as how I don't plan on mailing any of those any time soon, I decided to set them aside to recycle. Jude, however, immediately noticed the postal service logo and declared that we needed to give them to the mailman.

"Who will the mailman take them to?" I asked him. "To Abuelita!" he replied. After all, Jude knows exactly how the mail works—as he likes to tell you, "Abuelita buys cookies at the store, Abuelito puts them in the mailbox, and the mailman brings them to our house!"

So with the help of four little thumbs and just a few other supplies that I had laying around the house:

We created this masterpiece to tuck into said box:

Abuelitos, keep your eyes peeled for a special delivery sometime next week!


Lindsay Conner said...

Look at you, finding time to craft! :)

Dawn Alexander said...

That is a really cute project! We will have to try it sometime!

♥Kelly♥ said...

Oh how precious!! They will loooove it.

Megan said...

I was SO IMPRESSED by this sweet little art project that I just had to create one of our own this morning. Stay tuned for a picture of our masterpiece, inspired by the Fab Four! :)


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