Wednesday, August 4, 2010

She's got the look

Lucy likes to look pretty. One of her favorite things is to put toy links on her feet, on her wrists, or in chains around her neck, and then prance around while saying, "Pree!" (her word for "pretty"). I assure you that she did not learn this behavior from me—but who can fault a girl for wanting to feel glamorous?

Anyway, yesterday morning Lucy brought me a few chains and pointed out several links that she wanted me to separate from the rest. I noticed that they were all of similar design but thought no more of it after she happily ran away with her treasures.

The next time I saw her, the matching links were all on her wrists. Apparently she'd had a specific look in mind! I was so impressed with her fashion sense that I grabbed the camera, and Miss Lucy struck a pose:

Tell me, just when did my toddler turn into a teenager??


Melody said...

Sounds like Miss Lucy has a flare for design! Maybe she'll be a fashion designer or a Web designer or a florist or an artist. Its so amazing to see their little personalities taking shape!

Marianne said...

HAHA! Suzy, this is the cutest blog post I have ever seen!!!! I love her pose, with the leg bent and the hand delicately on the face!

Girl has got it goin' on, though!

Poor Ted. He's in for a doozy when she's a teen and a. loves to shop and b. has all the boys after her ;)

Megan said...

I LOVE IT!!! So cute!

Jackie said...

Good luck! Expensive taste may be in your future :)

Stacie Cook said...

Suzy- I'm reading some of your older blogs. Maya likes to do this as well with the links. Too funny :)


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