Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jesus loves Lucy

Do you remember the first time you sang "Jesus Loves Me"? Well, I don't—but I do know that I've been singing it for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I knew it as "Cristo Me Ama" (#155 in our himnario), and we sang it just about every Sunday at the request of one of the little boys in our church. "Jesus Loves Me" was also the first song that Abuelito Nehiel sang to Lucy, and our friends and family later sang it together (in English and in Spanish) at the babies' dedication ceremony. And every night, Ted and I sing both versions to the kids after we tuck them in their beds.

But never has this old tune sounded as sweet to me as it did yesterday, when Lucy sat down with Tío Ner's guitar and gave us this unexpected performance:

Sí, Cristo te ama, Lucy—and so do we!


Christy AKA Trippin' Mama said...

So cute! I always sing my kids Amazing Grace at bedtime. A couple weeks ago we sang it in church and they were so tickled everyone was singing "their" song.

Julie said...

That is priceless. Que divina!

Cindy said...

That is adorable, Suzy!

Hey, I just gave your blog a Liebster award because I love checking in on you, Ted, and the Fab Four, and what you write is so encouraging and inspirational. Here's the link:


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