Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our guitar hero

What could possibly be better than jamming with your great-uncle on your toy guitar?

How about having a great-uncle who will give you a real guitar of your very own!

You read that right: My Tío Ner hand-carried a little guitar all the way from Peru just for the Fab Four! Lucky for us, he's a classical guitarist who believes that it's important for young children to be able to explore an instrument—to climb on it, hit it, feel it, and pluck its strings—in order to hear the effects of their actions. The kids seem to discover something new every time they play with their guitarrita!

Ted and I are so grateful for my uncle's investment in our children's musical education. We also love it when he gives us a private concert. Here's a clip of the first time he performed for the Fab Four, just about a year ago:

My dad's side is blessed with several gifted guitarists (including my brother), so hopefully all of this early exposure will pay off. I certainly wouldn't mind having another guitar player (or four) in the family!


jana said...

First, holy moly, I can't believe how big they've gotten since that video!

Second, that's seriously wonderful! As a kid who grew up with a very musically-inclined mom, I agree it's a very good thing and special, too, since a lot of children aren't exposed to such things.

Mentorn Media UGC said...

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