Sunday, January 1, 2012

Table for six

Notice anything missing in this picture?

Yep, a few days ago we had our last supper at the feeding table:

And started eating together at the "big" table!

Ted and I are thrilled to have our pre-quads dining table back in place, and the kids love the new arrangement, too. Life feels just a little more normal now!

As for the feeding table, it's gone to a good home. We hope you make as many memories around that table as we did, Hamer quads!


Julie said...

Yay for normal! You guys are amazing! I loved watching you with your babies last week. So glad we got to be part of another "normal" thing! Besos!

The Middletons said...


Andrea said...

that table is so cool. I love your blog and stories. If you are ever looking for easy delish recipes the whole family will like check out my food blog I am happy to be following your blog.


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