Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting schooled

Today Ted and I loaded the kids into the van and took them to school to meet their teachers. That's right, I said their teachers. Believe it or not, the Fab Four are starting preschool tomorrow!

Couldn't be more excited about walking into school!

We never thought we'd be able to pay for four kids to attend preschool, but we started considering our options last year when we realized that Isaac would benefit from participating in our school district's early childhood education program. As we expected, he did qualify for free placement and, because we feel it's so important for our kids to have a shared school experience, our parents are making it possible for Lucy, Jude, and Dahlia to attend this semester as "typical peers."

This means that, four afternoons a week, Isaac will work on his kindergarten-readiness and social skills (as well as receive speech and occupational therapy) in the "developmental" classroom, while his siblings attend the "community" classroom next door (where half of the kids are on target with their development and half of the kids need a little extra help). Win-win!

Look at these big kids!

Many people have been asking me what I'll do with all my free time now. Unfortunately, I won't actually be getting that much of a break since school time is just replacing nap time. Still, I know that the structured time apart will be good for all of us, and I can't wait to see the kids, especially Isaac, flourish in their new environment. It's going to be a whole new world!

7 comments: said...

What a BIG day for you all!! How does it happen so fast?! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Lindsay Conner said...

Wow--that's huge! So nice of your parents to help out so the kids could all do this together. :)

jana said...

I can't wait to hear how they do and what they come home talking about! So excited for them *and* you and Ted!

JEN said...

Preschool is crazy expensive for what it is, isn't it? How cute are Issac's glasses?

Hope all goes well and enjoy a little "YOU" time!

Beth said...

Oh my goodness!! They are so adorable walking into preschool together!
How great that your parents helped out. We called around about starting the kids into preschool this fall and I was blown away by how much preschool costs (times 4, of course)! We decided not to send them this year, but we are going to take the plunge and do it next year. With them being Spet babies, we don't know if we'll start them in Kindergarten on time or hold them back a year, but we want to be sure to have at least one year of pre-k.
I am sure they are just loving school!

The Middletons said...

Exciting times!! :o)

Norberto and Julie said...

Wow, what a huge new stage. How is it going so far??


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