Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Turn, turn, turn

Isaac likes to study things from every angle. I'll often catch him on his belly, crawling around a toy to examine it from various perspectives. Sometimes he will slowly walk with his back against a wall, head turned to observe the effect of his shoulder rubbing against it. When it's dark out, he prefers to watch television by viewing its reflection in the living room window, rather than by looking directly at the TV screen.

In the past few weeks, Isaac's experiment of choice has been to spin and spin while simultaneously straining his eyes in the opposite direction:

I imagine he's trying to see what is behind him, but only Isaac knows the true purpose of this exercise. Whatever his objectives, I do believe that this boy has the mind of a scientist! (Let's just hope he's not a mad scientist.)


Beth said...

Holding a red toy and a yellow toy of course! I would love to get a peek inside his little mind. I'm sure there is a lot going on in there!

So cute!

Suzy said...

I was wondering if anyone would notice that, Beth! Yes, always with the red and yellow. :)

sonja said...

He is adorable!!

Jewel said...

I also was going to comment on the red and yellow! Anxious to hear what this boy has to say about life! haha.


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