Friday, March 6, 2009

Lookalikes and more

As I promised to do a while back, I scanned a baby picture of me to compare it to a photo of Lucia at the same age:

Suzanna at 3 weeks

People tell me all the time that Lucia is my mini-me, but looking at these photos together, I'm not so sure anymore:

Lucia at 9.5 weeks (3 weeks adjusted)

I wish I had a 3-week photo of Ted to post for the sake of comparison, but the earliest one I have of him is his 1-year portrait. I did take pictures of the other kids when I took the one of Lucia, though, and I can't decide which one (if any) most resembles my own baby picture:

Jude at 9.5 weeks (3 weeks adjusted)

Isaac at 9.5 weeks (3 weeks adjusted)

Dahlia at 9.5 weeks (3 weeks adjusted)

In addition to posting new pics of the kids, I wanted to give everyone an update on Jude's echocardiogram: As I suspected, it showed no signs of a hole in his heart! Unfortunately, this doesn't mean that all is well with the little guy. For the past few days, both he and Isaac have been constipated, probably because of the rice cereal we'd been giving them to combat acid reflux. Since Jude no longer shows signs signs of reflux and Isaac's seems to be under control with twice-daily doses of Zantac, we've stopped the rice cereal on the boys (as well as giving them sugar water and using the infamous lubricated Q-tip method) in an effort to get things moving again. No luck yet, but I figure it's gotta come out sometime, right?

Despite the boys' troubles, the girls are still on rice cereal (and Zantac in Dahlia's case) for their acid reflux. Their systems seem to handle it just fine, and although they do eat less than the boys, they are steadily gaining weight: At the girls' 2-month appointment yesterday, Lucia weighed 8 lb. 6 oz. and Dahlia was 8 lb. 8 oz. Yes, the little runt has surpassed her sister by 2 ounces! I think that Lucia is going to have to stop looking in the mirror and get serious about eating if she is going to keep up with Dahlia.

Lucia admiring the baby in the mirror

As for me and Ted, we are exhausted but seeing a light at the end of the tunnel in the sleep-deprivation department. For the past week and a half, the babies have been sleeping at least 5 hours in a row, and on two nights, three of the four slept 7 hours! If we could just get all of them to agree to sleep that long at the same time, we'd be all set. I didn't let the lack of sleep prevent me from meeting with my Moms of Multiples group last night, though. I had such a great time talking to and laughing with them that I didn't get home until just before midnight (just in time to prevent the Civic from turning into a pumpkin!). The babies even got a play date out of it: This morning I met one of the triplet moms at a park, and we sat with the babies (making sure no one got too close to them) while her kids wore themselves out on the playground. It was exhilarating to be in the outside world and know that I can manage four babies somewhere else besides home and the pediatrician's office. I need to stop procrastinating and get around to ordering a quad stroller soon!

First trip to the park
(left to right: Lucia, Isaac, Dahlia, and Jude)


jag said...

What wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing! When mine had constipation, the GI suggested milk of mag. and our pedi said apple or prune juice is helpful. Good luck! Beautiful babies!

The Haughs said...

Oh they're so cute!

And congrats on making it through an outing! Doesn't that feel great?! I always feel invincible when I take my 3 kids out by myself. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Suz! They are all so amazing! What little chunks!!!
We know all about the constipation:) Wesley had to have his prunes and oatmeal everyday from the time he started solid foods until he decided he just wasn't going to eat "old man food" anymore. If he didn't have it he didn't go... that simple!
Good for you getting out! It will take practice but it is soooo worth it for your sanity and the fresh air. Besitos a todos! JJ

BreezieGirl said...

They are beautiful. I do think Lucia is your Mini-Me lookalike.

Hooray for the park!

jag said...

Hi suzy! If you go to "view my complete profile" there's a link to email me. Send me an email and then I'll forward you all the stuff (price lists, videos, shipping info, etc.) that I have on the stroller. I couldn't find your email address on your site or I would just send it out now.

Cochran Quads said...

PRECIOUS babies!!!! They are SO stinkin cute and I still say she looks JUST like you!!! Good luck with the constipation. We have gone through our share of Baby Lax and Infant Suppositories over here! Our babies still prefer their bottles as milkshakes (a teaspoon of cereal per ounce)! It's the only way they can keep it down without projectile spit up!!

The Middletons said...

We are so happy that Jude's echo is fine. They are sooooo CUTE!!! They are growing so fast! I think that Lucia looks just like your picture! I agree with everyone that you, in deed, have a mini-me!:o) Congratulations on getting out of the house with the quads... it must have been refreshing!!
Love, Staci

Gabriele said...

Boy do I miss y'all. I am working so much that I can't seem to squeeze time with the bebes in. :(
I keep looking at the pictures and can't see what everybody else sees. I think that Dahlia has your eyes, and Jude your face. I know ... I must be nuts, since everybody else seems to see Lucia.
I'm so glad that you went to meet with the other moms! See ya' soon!

Anonymous said...

This is way too young to start them on cereal, especially when you factor in their adjusted age...please check with your doctor!!!!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh are they cute!!! Can't get over how much Lucia looks like you. Wow!! :-) They are look like they're thriving. And congrats on your first trip to the park. That really is something!! I have a hard time taking my 3 to the park and they're 8,6, and 3. ;-)

The Farm House Kids said...

What little cuties.

The Yager Quads have a excellent quad stroller for sale that wasn't used much.

If interested, let me know and I'll send you Kathy's email.

Mom to The FarmHouse Kids

Stephanie said...

They are just too cute! Glad you were able to get out at the park!!

The Murray Crew said...

1. It was so great seeing you "LIVE" last week! =) Looking fabulous, I might add.

2. You might check out our blog to see the boys prepping the table for you (video). =)

3. I'm so GLAD you got outta the house! Such a freeing experience. Awesome job, mama! AND the earlier you start, the easier it gets. =) Isn't independence grand?

4. Don't listen to anon commenters who try to give parenting advise to a quad mama.

Love YOU!!!!
Jen and The Crew

The Murray Crew said...

Heheeee, if you want some advise from another quad mama (just what worked for us - take it or leave it!!!!) We used the little glycerin gel capsule suppository. It works within an hour. =) Over the Counter at your local pharmacy.

Alisha said...

I think you might live right down the road from me. Is this playground you went to in Fishers off of Brookschool? I saw an article about you and the babies at my dermatologist office (Northside Dermatology off of 116th St) a couple weeks ago and when I saw the post about getting out I thought I recognize the playground we go to all the time.

Beautiful babies!
Alisha Garza

* Allisa said...

Congratulations Suzie! I saw your link on the Alum page. So happy to see your healthy little brood. Precious.

Allisa (Hutchinson) Savery '99

(I'm not sure how we knew each other...thru Spanish Dept. or Carla Warthan who also has a brood of her own!)


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