Monday, September 8, 2008

Manpower and a baby shower

Bedrest is less than 2 weeks away, and the flurry of activity has begun! The busy-ness kicked off on Labor Day weekend, when my family (minus Dad) flew up from Texas to help us get some things in shape while I am still mobile. Although Johnny and Holly were only able to be here for a couple of days, they made a huge impact, helping Ted to transform the guest room into the babies' room within a matter of hours. It seriously would have taken ten times longer without their assistance! Here is the nursery in progress (notice how the cribs barely fit into one shot):

After Johnny and Holly left, my mom stayed on through the end of the week. Her most important accomplishment during this time was to keep me exceedingly well fed with her delicious cooking—not a small feat! Having a full belly definitely helped me sleep better and just feel better overall. Mom was also able to finish up a cross-stitch project to decorate the nursery with (I'll post pictures when we get around to hanging it), and on Wednesday she helped me celebrate the big 3-2 (thanks for sharing her on our birthday, Dad!).

At the tail end of Mom's visit, we attended my first baby shower, which was hosted by a group of my wonderful college friends: (left to right) Amy, Lisa, Becky, Andrea, and Kristen. The girls did an absolutely fantastic job, preparing a lovely spread, coming up with non-cheesy shower activities (thanks, guys!), playing Beatles lullabies, and even finding decorations with four baby faces on them! (The cake replicated the design; isn't it so cute?)

I can't tell you how blessed I felt by the girls' hard work and attention to detail (everything was perfect!), as well as by all the friends from different parts of my life who came together to celebrate the upcoming arrival of these four babies. All of your love and support, plus my family's visit during the past week, mean the world to us. Ted and I truly couldn't do this without you guys!



Sylver said...

Woah, crib city!

Bethany said...

Yeah, before I knew who's picture this was I thought it was someone's visit to an orphanage. Then I realized it was just another day in the Thompson house. I can't wait to see it with the babies in it! Do you think you'll have to put them all in the same one at first to help with separation anxiety from each other?

Suzy said...

HA! I was thinking it looked like a daycare, myself. :) Yes, we hope to have them sleep two and two for as long as possible. But I wanted to put up all the cribs for two reasons: (1) to see if they all would fit! and (2) in case one of the babies needed to have his/her own crib for some reason (like if they came home with a CPAP machine or something).

Lori said...

Wow! Four cribs! I bet that was a reality check. ;-) hehe Glad to see they all fit. That way you can still have a guest room for all those volunteers, right? :-) Hope you're feeling good. You look great in that picture from the shower. Are you feeling them move a lot yet?


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