Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Driver's education

Every day is a learning experience with these guys, and our 4 days on the road for our second trip to Texas were no exception. Some things we learned on our way there and back:

  • Poor Isaac has inherited Mommy and Daddy's car-sickness genes. Pass the bucket!
  • Lucy could do sticker pages all day and all night. Even in the dark. (No car-sickness genes for her!)
  • As long as the DVD player is running, my kids will not sleep. Not a wink.
  • The real trick to getting the Fab Four to sleep in the car is to say that it's nap time and then quit talking to them. (They didn't sleep at all in the car the first time we drove to Texas, so I was elated to find a way to get them to take a nap!)

Asleep at last!

  • In the car, Dahlia is always the last to succumb to Mr. Sandman. Always.
  • Jude is really, really nasty when he wakes up from a car nap. Stay clear!
  • The most effective way to settle down a restless Fab Four: Turn on some Beatles. Instant peace.
  • Speaking of peace, it's harder to come by now that the kids' arms and legs are getting longer. We're running out of space in this van!
  • It is possible to hear the question, "Are we in Texas?" a bajillion times without strangling anybody. It is possible, but just barely.

And, last but not least, we confirmed something we already knew:

  • It really stinks to live a 2-day car drive away from our abuelitos!!


Anonymous said...

Try SeaBands for carsickness. They make them in adult and kid sizes, though I'm not sure how small they go. They are basically a wrist band with a hard plastic piece that hits a pressure point to help with nausea. You can get them at WalMart near where they sell Dramamine. My daughter has been using them for morning sickness and they have helped a lot.

Suzy said...

I tried SeaBands for the first time on myself this trip, but they did not help. However, I will definitely look for some kid-size ones for Isaac next time ... maybe they will work for him!

eileen clay said...

I love traveling with your family even when they are car sick. :) :) Love hearing the antics and comments of the fab four! Thanks for continuing to share. BTW, have you tried the seasickness patch for traveling? Might just work.

Suzy said...

My plastic surgeon gave me the seasickness patch after my tummy tuck, and it made my nausea even worse. But I will be sure to try it with Isaac next time! Fortunately he is fine for trips around town. :)

JEN said...

I have the worse motion sickness of anyone I have ever met. Can I recommend Bonine? It is over the counter next to the Drammamine (which is awful btw), and I believe safe for children. It's wonderful and never makes me drowsy. Also, salty snacks and fresh air help a lot.

Suzy said...

Never heard of Bonine ... thanks, I will check it out! And I agree with the salty snack recommendation ... the day someone told my parents to give me popcorn was the day I finally gained some control over my carsickness! As for fresh air, we are thinking of moving Isaac's car seat so he can be next to a window ... maybe where Lucy currently sits (since that window rolls down). I appreciate all of the helpful suggestions!


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