Sunday, June 10, 2012

We all scream for "ice cream"

A few days ago, the same show that gave the kids the idea to make a pie inspired them to start asking if we could go to an ice cream shop. Not one to ever turn down a chance to eat ice cream, Mommy said YES!

We waited until Saturday so that Daddy could go with us. And don't tell the kids, but we didn't actually go to an ice cream shop—we went to a frozen yogurt shop. The kids loved watching Daddy operate the self-serve soft-serve machines:

We got two big bowls of frozen yogurt to share: one with chocolate and vanilla, and the other with passion fruit and pineapple. At Jude's request, both were topped with a generous helping of maraschino cherries. We sat down to eat our treat in the fun orange and white chairs—one for each kid!

Dahlia, Lucy, and Jude loved their "ice cream," but Isaac was not a fan:

He much preferred reading the sign: "Orange! Weaf! Yogurt!"

The frozen yogurt was good, but I think next time we'll try a frozen custard place (that's Mommy's favorite kind of ice cream). And who knows—by then Mommy and Daddy might even be brave enough to try ordering CONES!


Lindsay Conner said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Came across ur blog while look for early ultrasound pics on google. It is amazing to read ur blog.. And I read it all lol. Ur family is a blessing and beautiful. I can't wait totes posts as they get older. I'm hoping I only see one little baby at my first ultrasound on Wednesday. But am just amazed at u and ur husbands strength and patience.

Suzy said...

Anonymous, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment ... I am glad that you enjoyed reading the blog, as I've enjoyed writing it. :) Hope your first ultrasound goes well!


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