Saturday, August 27, 2011

Girl talk

For some reason, tonight I got the urge to see if I had taken any videos on this date in 2009, during the babies' first year. And, sure enough, I had! Check out this little gem I found of Dahlia (on the left) and Lucy chatting it up in the playard:

I'd forgotten what all those coos sounded like! Don't you wonder what they were trying to say?


natalie said...

so so so cute!! :) Those days of having a camera around and them not touching it- is over too- right? :P
So great you have this recorded- they will love it years to come!

Suzy said...

@natalie: So far they've been pretty good about the camera ... I've only had one photo deleted (unfortunately it was a good one!!). lol

MorT4 said...

Absolutely adorable!!! <3

Suzy, thanks for your response to my comment! - and I'm sure that your deserve it :-)
And yes, danish is a very tricky language... that's where google translate come in handy ;-) *S*

Hope to see you back on my blog some day <3


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