Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The pudding song

The Fab Four haven't mastered using spoons yet, but they're getting better all the time (especially Dahlia). Several months ago, I discovered that a great food for them to practice with is rice pudding. I make it from scratch about once a week, and the kids absolutely love it.

As good as rice pudding is for honing the kids' spoon skills, however, I still think it's much more fun to spoon-feed it to them while singing "Arroz con leche," a song I remember from my early childhood in Peru. This little ditty never fails to magically put everyone at the table in a good mood:

(In case you're curious, the lyrics roughly translate to: "Rice pudding, I want to marry / a maiden from Portugal / I want to marry this one / I don't want to marry that one / This is the maiden that I will marry." See, nursery rhymes in Spanish don't make much sense, either!)


candace said...

Your kids are so cute! My mom used to sing to my brother and me at lunchtime when we were little.
One question though, did you get that table specially made?

Suzy said...

Hi Candace! We were fortunate enough to inherit our feeding table from another quad family (the Murrays @ 4tunate.net). I think you can buy them from preschool supply stores, but I also know that some quad families have had theirs made. It sure makes mealtime a lot easier (and easier to clean up)! :)


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