Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bumming around

A few months ago, Jude figured out how to remove his pants. Since then, we find him in a state of semi-undress just about every day:

Surprisingly, during all this time, the other kids had failed to pick up this pesky habit—until yesterday. Watching Jude slip out of his pants for the millionth time, the girls finally decided to follow suit. And then Dahlia took the pants-free look a step further: In a daring move, she shed her diaper as well:

Since it was bedtime, we slapped the (thankfully dry) diaper back onto her bare bum, immediately zipped her into her sleepsack, and hoped the incident had been a fluke.

It wasn't. Today Lucy decided to try the same trick, this time with a very wet diaper:

I really don't want to see what happens when one (or more) of the kids takes off a dirty diaper, but neither am I quite ready to resort to duct-taping them into their diapers. Looks like the Fab Four will be wearing one-piece outfits from now on—and I'll just have to hope that they don't learn how to unsnap them anytime soon!


Megan said...

Oh noooo! So far mine do not know how to remove pants (though Emma does know how to remove her diaper). I pray that no one figures it out! Really funny that it took so long for the others to catch on to Jude's trick, though. And, is that Ted wearing a rubber glove in that one picture?!

Suzy said...

HA, Ted just happened to be cleaning something else when he saw Jude waving around Dahlia's diaper. So that's why he's wearing gloves. :) He's not quite *that* germophobic. ;)

Judy said...

Onsies pinned with a diaper pin. I had an clothing escape artist. Mind ya I only had one. Soon they start shedding the pjs. Footies pjs on backwards!!!! Also here is a tip for when you have crib escape artist and not really ready for the freeforall toddler bed... CRIB TENT! Meant to keep cats out of cribs but I would have gone insane if we didn't and I only have a singleton! Can't imagine quad escape artist! I'm a lurker from the beginning but thought I would share my knowledge.

Jenn said...

Oh Suzy, I SO enjoy reading about your children! This one had me giggling out loud ... it's all fun and games until you have quads running around in ONLY shirts, right?!? Thanks so much for sharing all your adventures with your FAB FOUR!!

Rachel said...

We buy duct tape by the truck load for our quads! They all four take off their diapers on a regular basis if they don't have them duct taped on! I'm not quite ready to potty train, so the duct tape was the only answer for us! They even ask for tape if we happen to forget to put it on! LOL!

Rachel, mom of BBGB quads


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