Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Baby love

The Fab Four have been steadily increasing their vocabulary during the last couple of months: Lucy currently knows 29 words and 15 signs, Jude knows 15 words and 13 signs, and Isaac and Dahlia both know 8 words and 10 signs. Lately, it seems that every single day, at least one of the kids will learn to say a new word or make a new sign.

Out of all of those words, however, the one we hear (or see) the most is "baby." Lucy, in particular, is obsessed with babies and says the word about a million times a day. Baby, baby, baby—to her, just about anything with an anthropomorphic face, even a robot, is a baby!

Lucy's favorite babies are the ones that she and Dahlia got for their birthday and Christmas. Both girls (and sometimes even the boys) love to carry around their baby dolls and give them hugs. I often see the girls pretending to feed their dolls a bottle or give them a pacifier—it's so cute!

Lucy with her "quads" on Christmas Day (12 months old)
Here's a clip of the girls hanging out on the school bus with their baby dolls yesterday afternoon. Dahlia was not too interested in talking to me, but Lucy sure was:


BreezieGirl said...

One of the cutest things ever... and DEFINITELY a highlight today. Thanks for sharing your sweet babies and their babies with us! :)

Mommy Lisa said...

Oh my heavens, how cute!! I love how Lucy cuddles those babies. And what fun to see them learning. Thank you for sharing!!!!

Hilary said...

That was too sweet and I love how she says baby!! melt me!!! Their bus is too cool for school ;) They are getting SO big too!!

Suzy said...

@Hilary: That's part of the reason I grabbed the camera ... I wanted to record the way she says "baby"! Melts me, too! :)

Janelle said...

How adorable!! One of Ana´s first words was bebe - I think it might have been befor mama!! She loves her babies and feeds and takes care of them -- and will sometime even carry and rock other objects like a baby - a telephone, a bag of lentils!! I love watching her being such a sweet little mommy!


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