Sunday, March 21, 2010

15 months old ... catching up!

A lot has happened since I wrote the 13-month update nearly 2 months ago. Here are some highlights:

As I'd hoped, we abandoned formula and made the switch to sippy cups and milk (keeping only a bedtime bottle) upon the first anniversary of the babies' due date. Unfortunately, the kids seemed to hate the taste of milk; on top of that, it took me a week to figure out that the sippy cups I had were not working for them. After getting a lot of advice from my wonderful friends, I purchased a can of strawberry Quik and some Nuby straw cups. Like magic, the kids suddenly started drinking their milk! They are now drinking straight milk from their cups like pros, but we have some work to do where etiquette is concerned: The kids are still learning that stealing, banging, or throwing cups is a no-no!

The Fab Four's interests are changing, too. They have discovered books and are almost obsessed with being read to. Sometimes they will make me read a book seven or eight times in a row! I love it, though—when they were smaller, I could never find the time to sit down and read to them (gee, I wonder why!), and I worried that I had ruined their chances of being book lovers. I'm so glad I was wrong!

I suspect that some language switch must have flipped recently because, in addition to being crazy about books, the kids are also starting to talk a lot more:

was the first baby to say a word, and she continues to lead the pack. She can say, "Pepper," "dada," "mama," "night-night," "nana" (banana), "yummy," and "bye-bye." She also knows the sign for "more." Her new game is to point at objects all around the room and say, "Dat!" I assume that she wants to know what those things are called, so I tell her. Over and over.

Jude (who, incidentally, has turned into quite the clown—I need to take video of some of his antics so that you can see what I mean) is quickly catching up to Lucy. He can say, "night-night" (his word for his blankie), "nana" (banana), "dada," and "mama," and he knows the signs for "more" and "all done."

Dahlia can say, "Pepper," "dada," "mama," "night-night," and "nana" (banana). Yesterday she learned the sign for "more!"

Isaac can say, "Pepper," "dada," and "mama." He's babbling a lot more than he used to, so I know more words are on the way soon. I am still working on getting him to use signs, but I think "more" is around the corner.

The last piece of news is that we eliminated the morning nap yesterday! It had gotten to the point where, after taking a good morning nap, the boys would sleep 0 to 30 minutes in the afternoon (no fun for Mommy!). To help get us through the morning yesterday and today, we employed an hour of Baby Einstein, topped off by a 30-minute stroll just before lunch. So far, so good. Ted and I are hopeful that this change in routine will bring back some predictability for all of us. And we're excited because the schedule shift means that we might be able to start going to church again soon!


Marybeth said...

Suzy they are so adorable! Each one with their own little personality! They are blessed to have such awesome parents!

Cindy said...

Yesterday Blake was humming classical music! When I asked him about it he said it was from Baby Einstein. Yea!

Stephanie said...

Good luck with all the changes!! They are just adorable!
Talking up a storm ;)

jana said...

Love the pics of them, Suzy!

Megan said...

Such great pictures of the kids! I'm so glad the new routine is working out for you. We're still not ready to abandon the morning nap yet, although stories of your morning strolls to CVS are making me want to hurry up the process! :)

Lori said...

Your kids are absolutely beautiful!!

Hilary said...

So big and I love that they are sweet!! Man they are so cute!!!

The Middletons said...

Suzy-They are sooooo ADORABLE!! It sounds like they are doing great and so are you!! They are getting so big. I really can't wait to see you all again!! :o)



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