Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1 year old ... again!

Today is the first anniversary of my due date. Of course, the only time my due date really meant anything to me was during the 2 weeks between the day I found out I was pregnant and the day I found out I was pregnant with quadruplets! Nevertheless, February 9 is a date to remember, as it marks the day my babies reach the adjusted age (as opposed to chronological age) of 12 months. To me, it's an important milestone because, even though the kids have already caught up to their chronological age in size and development, I now feel like I can safely do some of the things you do with 1-year-olds, such as weaning them off their bottles or feeding them eggs and cow's milk.

"So ... does this mean we get another birthday party?"

February 9 is also special because it's the day I am proud to announce that Lucy has joined Isaac and Jude in the walker club! I decide someone is officially walking when he or she can walk across the living room unaided, and Lucy's got it down. Check her out:


BreezieGirl said...

Way to go Lucy! Happy Milestone babies!

Glenda Rojas said...

AHHH!!! :D go luc!!!!!!!

The Haughs said...

Happy Milestone! :)

ABIGAIL said...

Hi Lucy,
Your family photograph is beautiful--so are the pictures of your kids! My name is Abigail Pogrebin; I'm an identical twin and former 60 Minutes producer who just published a book about twins called "One and the Same." I think any parent of twins will find much to chew on and maybe some guidance as to how to dodge pitfalls of doubleness. I'd love to speak to you about the possibility of a book giveaway, review and/or author Q&A. My email is apogrebin@gmail.com, website:www.abigailpogrebin.com.


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