Friday, December 11, 2009

A (pearly) white Christmas?

As the song says, "all I want for Christmas are my two front teeth"—and I discovered yesterday that Isaac's are coming in! Perhaps by Christmas, you'll be able to see them when he smiles:

Isaac at 11.5 months

Jude beat Isaac to the four-teeth mark, though: His canines have been making their way down over the past several weeks. Our little monster is going to start looking like a little vampire!

Jude at 11.5 months

The girls still have just their two bottom teeth. But these sisters are "two" cute, if I do say so myself:

Lucy at 11.5 months

Dahlia at 11.5 months

In non-teeth-related news:

Everybody is now clapping for real (even Lucy!)—especially when I either clap or say, "Good job!" or "Yay!" Lucy is a pro at waving hello and goodbye, and last night I taught her to blow kisses (she sticks out her tongue and licks her palm—hilarious!). Jude and Dahlia are starting to wave, too. Isaac doesn't wave yet, but he has finally started babbling like the others. And (drumroll, please) he is officially walking! Check it out:


The Haughs said...

YAY, Isaac! :) Maybe they'll ease you in on the walking stuff. . . our twins were about a month apart in starting to walk, which was actually pretty nice! They're so cute, Suzy! And they're doing so great! :)

Liz Howard said...

Oh my gosh! That's so cool that Isaac is walking already! At this point we were just glad that Lainey could finally crawl. lol The babies are so cute with their new teeth. Lainey can't wait to see the pics and is now disappointed that I'm typing so I better hurry up so she can see the babies!

Megan said...

Wow, I cannot believe Isaac is walking! And he's such a pro! Makes me nervous, though. I am not ready for walking! :)

Hilary said...

Man they are all so super cute! love all their teeth and isaac walking yay!! :) Merry Christmas :)

Jewel said...

Wa-ow! Way to go Isaac!

Abby said...

Go Issac. That is amazing and a bit frightening....many babies walking = trouble.

QuatroMama said...



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