Sunday, November 1, 2009

Isaac steps up ... and up!

Isaac likes to stand on things. His favorite stepstool is a musical table (sans legs) that Tia Janine gave us a few months ago:

If the musical table is not available, no worries. Isaac will just find something (or someone) else to stand on:

I need to be more careful about what types of toys I put in the pen, though. The other day I came out of the kitchen and was surprised/alarmed/amused to see this:

Looks like we've got a little daredevil on our hands! (Hmmm, I wonder where he got that from?)


Jenessa said...

haha!! I LOVE it!!!

Megan said...

Oh wow! Can't turn your back for a second, can you! :)

Bethany said...

SO cute and funny. I love the last picture the most.


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