Saturday, October 10, 2009

A truly GREAT-grandpa

The day we found out about the quads, my Abuelito in Peru was one of the first people I called. When I told him that his dream was coming true—that I was pregnant—he let out a celebratory whooooop! Then I told him to guess how many babies I was having. After a pause, he declared that he'd be happy with two. Laughing, I replied, "More like two times two!"

Stunned and overjoyed, my Abuelito immediately recalled the story of Sarah, who laughed when she learned of her miracle pregnancy. He then offered a prayer to God, thanking Him for his love and his gifts and for how He grants the desires of our hearts and always provides for us. And he prayed that the four beings growing inside of me would grow up in the Lord and to love the Lord.

The moment was bittersweet: Knowing the risks and challenges of traveling with premature quads—and keenly aware of my Abuelito's advanced age—I feared that he would never get to meet my children.

Saying goodbye to my Abuelito at the airport in Peru (November 2007)

Then, several months ago, my Tio Ner and Aunt Harriet started talking about bringing him to the States to meet the quads. As much as I wanted this to happen, I did not pin my hopes on it. There were too many obstacles—among them distance, age, money, and the U.S. State Department itself. So imagine my joy when I learned that he and my Tia Julia had been granted tourist visas to come see us!

They braved the long journey from northern Peru in mid-August and were in this country for nearly a month. I cannot describe what a special gift and privilege it was to be able to introduce my babies to my only surviving grandparent. Not in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine my Abuelito here, holding out his arms to embrace me and my four babies!

I tried to make the most of our precious time together, but I did not take nearly enough pictures. Here are some of my favorites:

Abuelito meeting Isaac for the first time

Lucy studying Abuelito's mustache

Abuelito holding Jude for the first time

Abuelito cuddling with Dahlia

The quads with their Abuelito Nehiel and my Abuelito (their Bisabuelo)

Thank you, Tio Ner and Aunt Harriet, for your efforts to make this seemingly impossible dream a reality! Abuelito, nunca olvidarĂ© los momentos que pasamos juntos acá en mi casita. ¡Lo queremos mucho!


Megan said...


jana said...

Suzy, this is wonderful! I guess I didn't realize your grandpa was here with your dad in September. If you told me, it must've flown right past me. I apologize for not catching on. LOVE the pics! Especially since I just saw them a few days ago.

QuatroMama said...

Beautiful, Suzy. I wish he was my grandpa!

Kristy said...

How wonderful! Thanks for sharing your story. What a special great-grandpa!

Hilary said...

That is PRECIOUS!!!! :)

The Haughs said...

What a great memory! Love it!

Heather said...

That's so exciting!! I remembered that your dad was here for your birthday, but I didn't know about your grandfather as well--wow!!

Bethany said...

What a great memory for your family- and so special for you :)

Jessica said...

I have been reading you blog for quite a while because your babies and my baby share a birthday!

Seeing the pictures of them together brought tears to my eyes! What a wonderful gift!


The Middletons said...

I am so glad that your grandfather was able to visit. Those are special memories that you will have forever! Those are precious and beautiful pictures of your grandfather with your babies.

gilloth/Edina said...

This must have been a real gift from the LORD!
I just love especially the picture of your grandpa and Jude: your baby son's face expression is like " So, you're my great-grandpa... hmmm... " :))


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