Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloween 2018

Halloween is a big day in our house. I've actually had to make a rule that we cannot talk about Halloween until after Labor Day! For the kids (and for me), Halloween kicks off the magical holiday season that leads into Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we revel in the anticipation and creative spirit that it brings.

I plan to post a look back at the many costumes we've worn since the last time I wrote about Halloween on this blog, but for now here is what the kids are wearing this year. Since only one of them let me make her costume this time, I signed up to host a trunk (for the first time) at our church's Family Fall Fest and made a costume for our car, too!

Jude as Kylo-Ren, Dahlia as a pirate, Lucy as Mary Poppins, and Isaac as a Flametrooper

Lucy was the only one who wanted me to make her costume this year. We went to a couple of thrift stores and found everything we needed to put together the perfect Mary Poppins!
For our church's Trunk or Treat, I transformed a CRV into a hungry, hungry hippo! So simple, yet so much fun!


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Anonymous said...

Where did u get the white balls for this I’m looking to do something similar

Anonymous said...

Are the balloons?

Anonymous said...



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