Sunday, April 14, 2013

Read it, brother!

I recently came across a book that I hadn't read to the kids since they were babies. On the way home from church today, Dahlia asked me to read their "new" book to her, but because she was sitting in the seat behind me, I couldn't do it.

Isaac to the rescue! 

Not only did he read an entire volume of novel text to her, but he also did it with feeling! And so patiently, too. Here's a clip:

Nice to know I've got a good little story-time sub in the back seat!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Out of the box

A box is just a box. 
Until you look at it and decide that it's actually a doghouse:

Until you realize that you can get in, shut the "door," and be alone, for once:

Until you figure out that you can push two boxes together to make a cozy, private cave for two:

Until you round up a couple more boxes to create a haven with just enough room for all of you:

Until it occurs to you that maybe, just maybe, Mommy will let you decorate your new homes with markers:

A box is just a box?
Not when you're 4 years old!


* I would like to thank all of the boxes pictured in this post for endlessly entertaining the kiddos this week—and helping to make spring break at home a little more enjoyable for all of us!


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