Monday, May 25, 2009

5 months old ... in their own words

The Fab Four turned 5 months old yesterday! To celebrate, Ted and I packed them up in the minivan for an "exciting" trip to the Steak N Shake drive-thru. While we waited for our food, I interviewed the kids to see how they feel about reaching the 5-month mark. Here's what they had to say:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My baby Einsteins

Pre-quads, I never understood why every mother seems to think that her child is a genius. Now I totally get it. You can actually see a baby's brain making new connections every single day! I mean, when I watch the kids go from one day being oblivious to the toys that hang from the activity gym, to the next day looking at the objects intently, and the day after that bringing their hands together to try to grasp the toys, what other conclusion could I possibly be expected to reach? Yes, I think my babies are geniuses!

Dahlia reading a book in the Exersaucer

One of the things I'm enjoying the most, especially now that the weather is warmer, is seeing the wonder in the babies' eyes as they experience new things. Yesterday, for example, we took them into the backyard for the first time, laid a blanket on the grass, and set their Bumbo seats under the shade tree.

(left to right) Isaac, Lucia, Jude, and Dahlia chillin' in the backyard

The kids could not stop looking up! And who could blame them? They are used to staring up at a white ceiling with only a chandelier to break the monotony. Now the "ceiling" above them was a brilliant blue, with strange green forms (leaves, to you and me) waving before it and occasionally letting the sun peek through to warm their skin. Watching the babies soak everything in made me feel like I was experiencing it for the first time, too.

Isaac and Jude study the leaves swaying in the wind

You can just see the wheels turning in the babies' minds as they look around and observe their expanding world. Something else that the quads have become more aware of as they approach the 5-month mark? Each other! With this development, I have a feeling that Ted and I better watch out ... life with the Fab Four is about to get a little more interesting!

(clockwise from bottom left)
Isaac, Lucia, Jude, and Dahlia plot their next move

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Mom, you rock!"

That's what my first Mother's Day card said on the cover. What was written on the inside melted my heartand is a great reminder that the sheer exhaustion, unbelievable strain, and overwhelming uncertainty of being a mother to infant quads are WORTH IT:

Dad says that you are amazing and love us a whole lot. He thinks that you are the best mom in the world. Of course, we already knew all that! You care about every little sad noise we make and try to help us feel better. You change our dirty diapers with glee. There are many times that we feel like crying in the night, whether we have ouchy tummies or are just bored. But whatever reason we have, you run to our side and comfort us. And obviously, there was that whole time when you did everything in your power to keep us developing safely and soundly inside you—probably the most difficult thing ever. We are so very grateful to have you as a mommy! And we know that Daddy feels exactly the same as we do about all this stuff. So even though we're cranky at times, thank you so much for continuing to love us and care for us and mold us into happy, healthy, and very intelligent individuals.
Happy Mother's Day!


Isaac, Lucia, Jude, Dahlia (and Dad)

I sure do love my babies—and the guy who wrote such a sweet message for them! I am a lucky girl, indeed. I know this post is more than a week late, but here's hoping you had a wonderful Mother's Day, too!

Dahlia, Jude, Lucia, and Isaac (left to right),
nearly 5 months old—and looking cuter every day!
(Beatles-themed shirts courtesy of their abuelitos)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Future scholars?

My alma mater's alumni magazine has begun featuring the children of alumni in each issue, and I am thrilled to report that the Fab Four were chosen to appear in the latest one! Check out the (now outdated) photo that accompanies the article about us (click link to read):

(left to right) Isaac, Dahlia, Lucia, and Jude at 6 weeks
(wearing their favorite university gear!)

Too bad this picture doesn't qualify them for full-ride scholarships 18 years from now. I guess I need to get to work on that ...


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